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The Integrit Platform

Welcome to Integrit the Channel Enablement app brought to you by Channel Mobile.

Integrit is a channel focussed sales and marketing platform designed to enable your business, empower your partners and drive conversions.

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Customise Your Offering

The platform allows you to customise your application and focus the minds of the user base you are targeting.

Let users browse your product catalogue or guide them with bespoke solutions. Provide specific white papers and video content or drive interest with configuration tools.. why not allow a deal to be registered directly with the app?

You have the power to control your own requirements.

Channel Mobile

Big Data & More!

Everyone offers analytics these days but not enough people act on the information they collect.

Our system will let you identify which products are being viewed, the promotions that are most popular or the videos that are being watched. It will then let you set triggers, send push notifications and target your marketing campaigns based on the rules you put in place.

Channel Mobile

Constantly Evolving

We are passionate about providing the complete marketing solution and we can’t stop building..

We have a huge roadmap of ideas and we are continually adding enhancements to our apps. Talk to us about what is coming next or suggest what you would like to see created, we want to hear from you!

We have a proven track record using these solutions to improve customer engagement and our clients have confirmed the return on investment that they have experienced as a result.