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Exploring iOS 8: Release overview and thoughts

By Channel Mobile

Apple spent most of this year’s WWDC keynote presentation discussing iOS 8, the latest software update that has been released to developers, and will be released to the public in the next few months. As expected, iOS 8 continues to use the flat iOS 7 design, but offers a number of exciting new features. Last…

iOS 8 release, rumours and our wish-list!

By Channel Mobile

Apple’s latest OS release is soon to happen, and as we all know rumours about iOS 8 and the next iPhone are all over the web leading up to next weeks WWDC. In this piece I’ll be highlighting some of the rumours that have been discussed by various sources, including tech sites and the Mobile…

Mobile Development

By Channel Mobile

Businesses want to provide services for their customers and their employees, and increasingly these people want to access these services while they are mobile. The trend to mobile has been sparked by consumer demand enabled by Apple and its iPhone and iPad, Google and its Android based phones and tablets, and now the enterprise giant…